Adventures of a Souless Bard

Hi! My name is Zach and I am a singer/songwriter. I am training in Parkour and general conditioning because my brother dared me to try American Ninja Warrior. So, I will be posting song lyrics, poems, training things, general thoughts and maybe pictures.

Gee I hope somebody reads this! :P


“I just want to say I loved this place. This has been my life, and so it’s gonna be very, very odd, I think for all of us, um… because I don’t know what life consists of without you, all of you. And it’s wonderful, and I just want to say I loved every minute, and thank you all very, very much.”

Seeing Daniel, Emma and Rupert sobbing like small children just triggers such intense emotions for me.
I guess it’s reminding me of the end of my childhood, the best childhood I could have ever had.

*sheds a manly tear*

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